General Questions

What days and times is RUFF open?

We are open 365 days a year and we’re open the following hours…

For Boarding: Check-in time : 11:00 am | Check-out Time : 6:30 pm
Day Care: Check-in time : 8:00 am | Check-out Time : 7:30 pm
Grooming : 10.30 am to 6:30 pm
Sundays for all: 11:30 am to 2:00 pm

Are there requirements for RUFF ?

Your dog must be current on vaccinations for Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella (canine cough).
We require dogs to have a current bordetella vaccination every twelve months. If your bordetella vaccination is over the twelve month requirement, you will need to see your veterinarian for an updated vaccination. Your dog must be in good health, flea/tick free, friendly to all dogs, and generally love to play. We advise all our customers to provide the flea/tick collar, use a spot-on or frontline which is readily available in all dog store before boarding. In case this has not been done, the customers are requested to inform us about the same for us to do the needful. Please note this will be charged separately.

My dog has health issues, can he/she still come?

This depends on the health issues. There are certain illnesses that don’t mix well in a social environment. We also cannot accept dogs with communicable diseases or parasites. It is best to discuss any possible issues with RUFF personnel.

I have a small dog and I see a bunch of big dogs. Is this environment safe for small dogs?

Yes, we separate dogs into our play areas based on size, temperament, and activity level

What will my dog do at RUFF ?

Your dog will play with other dogs with similar temperament, size and activity levels in our large outdoor play areas.

What should my dog wear to RUFF ?

A quick-release collar with your name and phone number on your ID tag. However this is preferred not compulsory.

Will someone be able to give my dog medicine?

We administer medication in pill, powder or liquid form for no additional fee. We do not give any injected medications. All medications must be in their original container

Do dogs ever get hurt?

Although we do our best to minimize any injury to your dog, during normal play a dog may get small scratches, nicks, and lose small patches of fur. Although rare, it is possible for more serious injuries to occur.

What if my dog gets sick or injured?

RUFF is associated with Dr. Ansar Kamran C, based in HSR layput and Dr Srinivas who is the vet on call. We will take excellent care of your dog if an accident occurs. You will be contacted immediately, if it is an emergency.

Do you have showers?

Yes, we do offer baths so when your dog returns home they are fluffy and looking their best. It is complementary when your dog stays with us for more than 5 days

It seems like a zoo when I drop my dog off, is it always like that?

No. When we have visitors such as a new dog, or new person, the dogs often get very excited and you can hear and see this excitement. There is always playing and some barking going on, but the dogs settle down quite a bit once the new dog is introduced into the play areas and our human visitors either leave or are very quiet for a few minutes. All the dogs become very accustomed to our personnel and settle right into playing with all their friends in the play yard after the new pups join in on the fun.

Are there any requirements for Socialization ?

Yes, we highly recommended socializing your dog at our place before boarding.

Socialization is the process of exposing dogs to new environments and situations. It helps them to feel more comfortable when encountering new things,other dogs at the boarding, people and experiences. Socialization is especially important during puppyhood with the first critical socialization time as eight-twelve weeks of age.

Socialized pups are typically happier, friendlier, more predictable and able to handle stress better. Under-socialized pups often grow to become fearful, shy, anxious, and sometimes even fearfully-aggressive adult dogs because they lack the skills to cope with new situations.

Socialization should not end with puppyhood but is more of a lifetime journey. Though the foundation for your dog’s behavior is laid during the first few months, responsible pet owners reinforce social skills and continually expose their dog to new social experiences throughout the dog’s entire life.

Doggie Daycare Questions

Do I need to make a reservation?

It is highly recommended to make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance. If you don’t have a reservation, feel free to call and check our availability.

How do I make a reservation for doggy daycare?

You can call us at +919945171969 during our regular hours or send us an email at ruffkare@gmail.com

When can I drop off and pick up?

You are welcome to drop off anytime after opening. We request pick up 15 minutes prior to closing so we can tuck in the overnight dogs.

Will my dog eat while at RUFF?

Dogs attending doggy daycare will eat at lunch time with a treat or lunch your guardian packs for you.

Should my dog eat prior to coming to RUFF?

It is best to eat 1.5 hours prior to coming to RUFF to prevent any discomfort that might be caused by playing too quickly after eating. Just to be safe, if your dog has eaten in less than 1.5 hours they may be placed in the kennel until the proper amount of time has passed.

Why is my dog tired when he/she comes home?

This is one of the great benefits of doggy daycare! Your dog gets to play all day so, naturally, they are tired at the end of the day. Often, when you take your dog home, they will curl up and go to sleep. Rest assured if your dog becomes overly tired during the day, we will take them to a room for an hour nap. We will not force a dog to get up from a nap if they are still sleeping. Many of the dogs that stay for extended periods of time choose to take longer naps.

What else do I need to know?

After a stay at RUFF, your dog’s paws may be temporarily sensitive from playing on the play area gravel. Try to limit water consumption for the first 3 hours as dogs tend to over drink when they arrive home.

Overnight Boarding Questions

How do I make a reservation for overnight boarding?

You can call us at +919945171969 during our regular hours or send us an email at ruffkare@gmail.com.

How far in advance should I make a reservation for overnight lodging?

It is best to reserve well in advance of your stay. RUFF fills up quickly around holidays, summer vacations, and local events. Early booking at least a week prior is highly recommended!

When can I drop off and pick up?

You are welcome to drop off anytime after opening. We request pick up 15 minutes prior to closing so we can tuck in the overnight dogs. We suggest being dropped off at least by 4pm so your dog can play, eat, and then play again prior to resting for the night.

What do I need to bring for an overnight stay?

Bring food, as it is best to stay on the diet your dog is accustomed to. A favorite toy or stuffed animal is always a good thing to curl up with at night. We provide raised beds made of wood.

Does my dog get to play with other dogs when staying overnight?

Yes, your dog can play all day with the other overnight dogs and doggy daycare dogs.

What are the daily activities included?

We do not chain or cage the dog unless there is a need to do so.
They are left free and open the whole day and our caregivers make they practices few games which keeps them mentally occupied. Dog’s who require heavy exercise are taken for walks. Our caregivers are well trained and certified on dog handling.

Does someone stay with the dogs overnight?

Yes, we have a family that spends the night with the dogs.

What else do I need to know?

After a stay at RUFF, your dog’s paws may be temporarily sensitive from playing on the play area gravel. Try to limit water consumption for the first 3 hours as dogs tend to over drink when they arrive home.


Boarding Kennel Stress, Be a proactive dog owner, Things Dog Owners need to do, to help make their dogs stay, in a boarding kennels, a happy one

Dogs need to be introduced to a kennel environment early on, not at the last-minute a few days before you go on holiday. Separation Anxiety and related problems are on the increase. We are personally seeing more & more dogs with these issues and they unfortunately can be one of the hardest behaviour problems to fix. All too often dogs are treated like babies and can become over reliant on their human family, that goes for big dogs as well as small dogs. Dogs like children, need to become independent and be able to happily function on their own. If you have a multiple dog household the same applies. Dogs should be equally happy to hangout with each other or be on their own. Again, same as people. So be proactive and introduce your dog to a kennel environment early on.

Here is a list of things, dog owners need to do, to help their dogs stay in kennels, be a happy one.

  1. If your dog has never been in kennels/ boarding before, day stays at a boarding kennel are a good way of getting your dog used to it.
  2. If you are a multi dog household make sure your dogs are independent of each other and can cope on their own. Separate kenneling or confinement goes along way, in helping with that. Doesn’t mean that they can’t hangout together, just means they are ok with being alone. The same goes for dogs who are too attached to their owner, they too need to be made independent.
  3. Visit our facility, talk to us, know the people and understand if the caregivers are knowledgeable and friendly and do they understand dogs and dog behaviour.
  4. To make your dogs stay less stressful and more comfortable, you can bring a blanket or toy etc of theirs.
  5. Please know how your dog will be exercised during the stay, some kennels walk the dogs, others let them out to run in large compounds with other dogs. If they are let out to run with other dogs, ask if they are supervised in other words is someone physically present, while the dogs are being exercised. Even friendly dogs can fall out and a dogfight may ensue, Also signs of stress or distress need to be watched out for, so it is important that dogs are supervised, at all times.
    Be aware some kennels leave dogs to run unsupervised.
    If your dog is Nervy, anxious, dog aggressive or a dog who just need some space, please know that your dog needs to be exercised separately.
  1. If your dog is on a special diet or needs medication please advise the caregivers to feed the diet required or dispense medication.
  2. Please know that you can also get your own dog food so his/her diet remains the same.
  3. Lastly, please know about Socialising your dog, the right way

Incorrect socialising even in a boarding kennel environment can and does lead to behaviour problems in dogs, such as aggression or timidness.