Testimonial: Resh Ganapathy

Our two dogs, Chico and Olive recently spent a few days at Ruff and we can certainly say on their behalf, they had a good time! Chico the Rottweiler has had his first grooming and spa experience at Ruff and he has his dapper new haircut to show for it! Brilliant job done by everyone at team Ruff! Needless to say, we would trust them with our dogs in the future too!

Ruff featured in the Bangalore Mirror

We got featured in the Bangalore Mirror while participating in the Bangalore Pet show …

Testimonial: Moods Etc

Ruff has quickly become a part of Babloo & my eco-system. They are so much more than just a kennel. You can rely on them to care for your pet as much or even more than you do! Syed & team at Ruff are hands-on & take every measure to keep the lads happy. Their grooming services too are top notch & it really helps that they have a pick – up & drop service too in case you’re really hard pressed for time. Big Cheers to you guys! Happy to be part of the family. Babloo says woof!

Testimonial: Rajasekhar Kilari

Its not a Kennel….. Its a resort for dogs. Ruff Kennel is a wonderful place to leave your dog and have a peaceful vacation. In fact, it is not a Kennel. It is a resort for pets….. Syed and his team are very friendly and great people who have a genuine passion for pets. Not only do they ensure the best of all facilities but also guarantee pet safety. They do have pickup and drop service as well……
My dog Max loves this place so much that sometimes he doesn’t even want to come home! Syed, big thanks to you and your team for taking care of Max and sharing pics and videos…..

Testimonials: Karen Collins

Syed and Lopa are the best guys who can be trusted with your pet. They are fun, loving, adorable and share so much time with the doggies. They are simply amazing. Thru personal experience….I had to keep my labrador with them bcoz my owner would not allow my pet to live with us. I was frantically looking for a place to keep him and came in touch with Syed – who was my saviour at that point of time. To sum it all…. here we go….. SYED AND LOPA….. YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING AND GOD GIFTED. THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE FOR US WHEN WE NEEDED YOU THE MOST. GOD BLESS YOU…..

Testimonial: Sumana Anand

Ruff is one of its kind compared to any well named kennel..our Cocoa thoroughly enjoys the space, friends and the amount of love he gets from everyone out there!! I would recommend this any day!! This is like a second home for Cocoa. Great going Ruff!! Continue to win everyone’s heart and confidence by your dedicated service!! All the best!!

Testimonial: Aditya Sengupta

I had to go out of town for a week and this would be Curie’s (4month GR) first time away from me. I was particularly worried since she was terrified of other dogs, though she adores humans. Ruff was recommended by a friend, and Lopa and Syed assured me that Curie would be fine. From the photos Lopa sent me and the one posted on this page, Curie seems to have enjoyed her stay at Ruff. She was way more tolerant of other dogs at Cubbon Park yesterday, thanks to her stay at Ruff.

We’re featured! Bengaluru’s Party Animals – New Indian Express

BENGALURU: Pets and their parents have been known to vacation together. But Bengalureans also host fun and sometimes expensive parties for their furry friends. People focus on letting their pets have some fun, says Nezhat Belgamvala, who runs Petstepin. Spa-treatment and aroma therapies are common, so are the good old-fashioned getting together with friends. “We […]

We did what we could – Flood Relief!

In response to the worst flood of the century, Ruff along with a team of volunteers did our bit sending a few tonnes of relief material to Chennai along with food and medicines for both humans and dogs.

Testimonial: Priya Ramasubbam

We left Izzy here for over a week when we went on holiday and Syed sent me texts and photos of her while we were away and was always happy to update me on what she was upto.  And on the day of our return, Syed wanted to know the exact time when we were […]