Abow & Beyond

groomin-01Ruff runs a professional dog grooming parlour named ABOW & BEYOND .

Keeping your dog clean and tidy is one more aspect of ensuring a healthy and happy life for your beloved companion. We believe that dog grooming is not just about looking pretty; it’s to show your furry friend how much you love them by having them regularly groomed. It’s just as crucial as a healthy diet, regular exercise and plenty of hugs and kisses. Failing to groom the dog is like neglecting to comb a child’s hair.

We meet different breeds of dogs, as well as different types of coats. With patience and care, our professional groomer is able to handle dogs of different behaviors. Our primary concern is for your dog. Our facilities offer a safe and comfortable environment for your dog to have a pleasant grooming experience. We donot use any sedative or a muscle while grooming.

Every dog has different needs so don’t be afraid to speak with our professional groomer about any issues or questions you may have. We will be more than happy to help your furry kid on matters concerning skin problems, fleas and ticks.


We use only products that are good enough for our own dogs. Our grooming products are of high quality ingredients, non-toxic, safe and suitable for dogs with even the most sensitive skin. Please let us know and bring along any vet-prescribed products that are required to be used instead

Basic dog grooming includes:

Nail cutting & nail filing

Shaving under the ear flaps, plucking of ear hair & ear cleaning

Shaving of anal area, between the legs, belly and paw pads

Clearing of the anal glands, bathing, conditioning, drying and brushing

Trimming fur off the nose bridge and around the paw

Bathing, Conditioning and Blow Dry

Full dog grooming includes:

Everything listed in basic grooming

Styling according to your instructions

Working hours


10am - 1pm


2pm - 6pm

Other Services

Mud Spa

Dead sea mud and salts packed with minerals, removes toxins and dead skin cells. Great for skin rejuvenation, oily and smelly skin. Finished off with Enzymatic medicated treatment.

Soothing Oatmeal Bath

Conditions with milk while colloidal oatmeal and bath salts are used to reduce itching and skin inflammations. Dead sea salts also helps regulate enzymes in the body, reduce anxiety and inflammation in joints. Perfect for itchy skin or as a regular pampering session! Followed by an Enzymatic medicated treatment.

Medicated treatment

A full strength enzymatic shampoo and leave-on treatment made with natural ingredients which leaves a layer of protection on the skin and coat inhabiting the growth of bacteria and fungus, allowing time for the skin to heal naturally.

Extra large dog

Rs. 2500

Basic Grooming

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Large dog

Rs. 2000

Basic Grooming

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Medium dog

Rs. 1500

Basic Grooming

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Small dog

Rs. 1250

Basic Grooming

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